IT Advisory Services

Information Technology (IT) is becoming increasingly important to organizations, in the areas of business strategy, operations and internal audit. An increased dependency on technology to deliver meaningful benefits to an organization can raise additional issues of security, integrity and control.

We are able to help your organization to achieve the best strategic business value, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide insights to leverage IT controls to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage. We understand the exciting opportunities offered by technological advancement.

We help the IT function address the issues related to both risk and performance improvement. 


IT Assurance and IT Risk Management Services

  1. Attestation Services and Internal Audit Support

  2. IT Risk and Compliance

  3. Cyber Security and Privacy Consultancy

  4. Digital Forensics and Fraud Investigation Services


IT Advisory and Consultancy Services

  1. IT Strategy Planning and Business Intelligence

  2. Mobility Solution Advisory

  3. IT Virtualization Advisory

  4. Cloud Computing Advisory

  5. Enterprise IT Architecture Advisory


Services Brochure

With ever-changing rules and continuous growth of business, TS IT Advisory Services Limited is pleased to provide useful information on different fields. Our Publications section is a platform designed to share our insights and business perspectives so that our clients could get the most from the latest information.


Management Message

Dr. Ricci Ieong - Partner


"Many companies are aware of the IT and operational risks they face. However, organizations often overlook preventive measures in an effort to manage capital and resource costs. The risks associated with letting IT systems and infrastructure become an afterthought can present threats to the health of your business. We help deliver improved business performance by addressing the IT and business agendas together."